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Work Management Redefined

The way People work has changed! The shift is from individual working to joint/partnership working. Collaborative working, as it is also called, covers a variety of ways that two or more organisations can work together. Options range from informal networks and alliances, through joint delivery of projects to full merger.

People used to be very silo in what they were doing everyday. We would put together a Microsoft Excel file, email that or store that internally in our computers where no one else had access to unless we share a copy through email to that individual. Today, we have many different programs that live in the Cloud. The Cloud is a dynamic space in terms of being able to access information. But it does get really confusing because with all these different products (like Office 365, Google Drive, Box, Salesforce and whatever Cloud based applications that we are using), it clusters our life. And we ended up having to log in to a bunch of different places to find information, making it quite a bit.

Thus, it would be nice to have tools to try manage all these noises that goes on a daily basis with the Cloud-based technologies. NOVALEX Partners provide Solutions for work coordination services - with deployment of Smartsheet to manage and automate these resulting collaborative works.

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